Riina O at Royal College of Art

The recent blog posts have been about teaching the glove making workshops in other towns and countries. However, occasionally the masterclasses are also held at London-based universities! Last week Riina O was invited to run a 2-day glove making workshop at Royal College of Art. Named the world´s no.1 art and design university, it was a great... Continue Reading →


Riina O Black Friday Sample Sale!

Riina O is having the first ever online sample sale. This is an extraordinary chance to get hold of some samples that didn´t make it to the collections. Samples are one offs, but available in various sizes! Additionally, we are offering -30% off everything else at our online boutique, until the 27th November 2017. Just use the... Continue Reading →

Riina O in Scotland

Last week Riina O went to Scotland to visit the team of Hands of X hand prosthetics in Dundee and Glasgow (more info about this amazing project coming soon...) and to teach the glove making workshop at the Edinburgh College of Art. The view from the classroom window was straight at the beautiful medieval Edinburgh... Continue Reading →

Manolo Blahnik´s Art of Shoes in Prague

Kampa Museum in Prague is currently hosting the touring exhibition by the well-known master of shoes - Manolo Blahnik. Manolo Blahnik: The Art of Shoes is an intimate retrospective spanning 45 years dedicated to work of the Spanish designer, one of the most influential figures in contemporary fashion, whose inventiveness and superb craft has managed to cross boundaries... Continue Reading →

Eat Me!

Trapholt Modern Art and Design Museum is located just on the outskirts of the little town of Kolding, in Southern Denmark on the mainland of Jutland. It is one of the largest and most popular museums in Denmark, outside of Copenhagen and Aarhus. Eat Me - says the name of the exhibition and with many items... Continue Reading →

Koldinghus castle

Koldinghus is the royal castle situated in the middle of the little town of Kolding, pretty much in the middle of Denmark. Standing at the place already since the 13th century, it has changed its appearance several times due to numerous reconstructions. In the middle of the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance... Continue Reading →

Riina O in Denmark

Riina O was invited to Denmark to run the glove making workshop at Kolding Design Institute for the Fashion and Accessories MA students. What a lovely dedicated bunch they were! Within the 5-day practical workshop the students studied about the history of gloves and what an important role they have played throughout the ages. They got... Continue Reading →

Karlśtejn Wine Harvest Festival

Last weekend - now seeming like so long time ago - we were in the Czech Republic, and not only just Prague... As the mid-autumn was approaching (or was it still just the end of the Indian Summer?), the Czechs were celebrating the grape harvest festival and my good friend from Prague invited us to... Continue Reading →

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