Unbuttoning inspiration

Last week in Paris I had a chance to visit an exhibition devoted to buttons. “Deboutonner la Mode” exhibition at Musée Les Arts Decoratifs presents a collection of more than 3000 buttons, following their evolvement through history. Although small in size, buttons can sometimes tell a whole story. Buttons not only decorate a piece of clothing or accessories, but also play a crucial role in creating balance in a silhouette, pinching in at just a right place. Over times buttons have been made from gold and jewels, bones, stones, glass, plastic and other materials. They have been used for social or political identification, bearing humorous or intimate messages, depicting a story or affiliation, reflecting the zeitgeist of an era and expressing artistic movements of the period.
“Buttons are the make-up of dresses” as famously said by the magazine Modes et Travaux in 1941.
The exhibition stays open till 19th of July.

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Developing Riina O´s latest collection “Tempus Loquendi” we also looked at buttons for inspiration. Historically buttons have been used on gloves for practical and decorative purposes. With Carmela model we followed the example of ladies´ long evening Mousquetaire gloves to improve slim fit around wrist and add an elegant detail with leather coated buttons. Adelgunda gloves looked more closely at military uniforms of 19th century for inspiration, while Victoria gloves´ buttons got embraced by soft hairy pony skin turning into little “furry creatures”.

Riina O gloves
Riina O “Tempus Loquendi”

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