Paris in London

Hermés takes Londoners for a walk to their Paris Wonderland, an exhibition called “Wanderland” at Saatchi gallery. The exhibition explores the concept of “Flânerie” – urban wandering and observing, revelling in the unexpected ,exploring the  street settings and oddities of city life. As the name of Hermés company has derived from the eponymous Greek god Hermes – the messenger, who is all about travelling and wandering around.

You are lead through the dream world of joy and fantasy, with a Paris landscape as its backdrop. The exhibition is livened up by numerous interactive installations in various media, created by a diverse selection of artists,  and witty solutions that make you part of the setting, letting you interact with the environment and brings a smile to your face. For example passages through wardrobe doors, syrreal(but fully functional) walking canes, amusing boutique windows. In one room you are able to walk on the upside-down reflections of other people, video projected on the floor. By stepping on the projections´ heads it is possible to hear their inner thoughts. Another room welcomes you to the café of forgotten items with miniature videos displayed inside the bottles and glasses. The graffity-adorned room has a painted Birkin bag by the wall, the covered passage looks so very Parisian and as the “night comes” in one of the rooms, you can peek into the windows to discover the secret world behind – a magic room where strange things come to pass when the inhabitant is not there.

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Objects on display have been gathered from the Hermés archive and mixed with the brand´s contemporary collections. Items range from bags, walking sticks, travelling cases and gloves to small leather accessories and jewellery.

You can´t help but to leave smiling. I will surely go back for more!

The exhibition is open till the 2nd of May 2015.


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