Canoeing in Nordic jungle

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to go deep into the nature on my trip to Estonia. We went canoeing with my sister at Leppoja recreation center. I was a complete rookie in canoeing , my older sister (a former extreme sports fan) had more experience in paddling – together we managed just fine.


We were sailing on Valgejõgi (White River if you wish to translate) that borders with Northern Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. The aim was to get away from the city and all the craziness, properly destress and enjoy the wild nature. We were not disappointed, it was such a bliss!

lush nature

The lush, jungalesque green nature with sunshine changing to shower and back again. Many gorgeous Beautiful Demoiselle´ s flying about with their magically blue wings and sitting on the side of the canoe to rest. Unfortunately I wasn´t quick enough to sapture one of them on my camera, but here´s what it looked like:

Beautiful Demoiselle by Janne Heimonen
Beautiful Demoiselle by Janne Heimonen

The roots of trees growing by the side of the river looked as if they were feet of a  millipede with legs hugging one another.


Due to the dry season the water level was quite low and we got stuck a couple of times.

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At some point new obstacles in shape of the underwater stones emerged – you coudn´t see one until almost hitting it! So in a way it turned out to be a bit of a “computer game” adventure. With a few rapids at the end we finished three hours later utterly thrilled(and longing for more!).

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