Shoes – pain or pleasure?

“Shoes – pleasure and pain” exhibition at V&A Museum captures the dream of a millipede, giving a good overview of footwear development trends throughout the centuries, the extremes and the eccentrics of the shoe-world.

They say the shoes often possess the power to transform the person who is wearing them – be it height or comfort wise, status wise(making it impossible to walk in, so have to be carried around) or even give the person magic powers, if you think of Cinderella, Puss in Boots or the red shoes that never stopped dancing. Just like an outfit(or even more so) a pair of shoes gives the wearer a role to play.
The exhibition with over 200 pairs of  shoes to display, looks back as far as 2000 years.

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Represented is the footwear of many famous people(famous by their shoes or otherwise), works of numerous famous footwear designers, as well as less known oddities.
Beautiful, sculptural objects are explored within the terms of “Transformation”, “Status”, “Seduction”, etc.
Making of a pair of shoes is examined step by step.
The exhibition also looks to the future(that is already present today) to the realm of computer aided design and 3D printed footwear.

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Being a shoe designer and maker myself, of course I couldn´t attend the exhibition without wearing some of my own experimental work.

Toe-heel shoes by Õun Design visiting V&A Shoes exhibition

If I was to suggest V&A to add some more avant garde designs, here is my pick from most outrageous Õun Design collections, designed and made by my own little hands:

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