Riina O Autumn/Winter “Tempus Loquendi”

It´s been just a few days into September and already you can feel the Autumny chill crawling under the skin, at least in London.

What better time to look at the inspiration behind our Autumn/Winter collection and perhaps stock up on some gloves!

Tempus Loquendi inspiration board

Time for peace
One of the first ideas for the collection came from a very rare find of Kenzo limited edition perfume from 1999, that I was lucky enough to come across at my local parfumerie.  I remember this perfume from my early teenagehood when it was first released. What a nostalgic memory, while the message its bearing suits perfectly to this day as well as 16 years ago.

The concept of this collection derives from a terrifying source, softening the impact by exploring duality and contrasts, making them work together – harsh vs soft, safe vs dangerous.

Soft hairy ponyskin gloves embody cosiness, safety and protection, while bearing encrypted laser cut messages.

The final touch is added by furry and leathery buttons. Our classic long gloves got the additional detailing of buttons on the wrist turning them into the Mousquetaire gloves.

Other sources of  inspiration lie in military uniforms of the 19th century, as well as my ethnic roots with hints to Leo Tolstoi literary works.
Colour palette referrals are rather gourmet: burgundy wine with black and green olives.
The collection ranges from casual styles to dressy gloves that add the final touch to the outfit. Women´s styles feature strongly on elegant elbow-length gloves, while men´s styles experiment with a bit of laser cutting and layers, introducing colour for the first time.

Have a look at the full collection and place your order via e-mail.

All gloves are hand stitched and made in London. Available made to measure upon request.


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