Mademoiselle Privé

For a few weeks at the end of October the ghost of Coco Chanel took over Saatchi gallery in London, turning it into her headquarters. The exhibition spanning through two floors of the gallery and throughout the maze of rooms was looking back at  Coco´s career history, how things were when she was around and where her “successor” Karl Lagerfeld has taken the company. Most of all though it was reminiscing about Chanel´s growth of the passion – the style.

Karl Lagerfeld took the exhibition to the next level, showing the visitors things through an app on their phone, that could not be seen with the naked eye. The space recreated Chanel´s headquarters, her apartment, the studio and her first boutique, playing around with interactive displays and illusions.
Dark labyrinth of rooms took visitors to the perfume laboratory. Chanel nr.5 was the first fragrance to ever bear the name of a fashion designer.

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Rooms full of haute couture displayed the painstaking work and handcraft put into creating each masterpiece, as well as modernisation of the classical style by contemporary fashion icons on the photographs.

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Very amusing was the short film where the “ghost” of Coco Chanel meets Karl Lagerfeld in person. Created by the latter, he really has some sense of humor!

coco and karl
Coco and Karl

The viewers are also taken to Chanel´s garden and the totem room, to unveil some sources of inspiration and the symbolism of the brand´s most iconic pieces. The tour gets finished by the “jungle” of hanging white fabrics that Chanel has worked with. Like many of the recent fashion exhibitions – Chanel Mademoiselle Privé offered an utterly enchanting experience!

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Exhibition ran at Saatchi gallery in London till 1st of November 2015.


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