Christmas in India

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Riina

I think my most exotic Christmas Eve so far was 6 years ago in India,  on the Eastern coast capital of Tamil Nadu region, Chennai.

Naturally you wouldn´t associate India with Christmas much, would you? Little research shows that India, being a melting pot of different religions living side by side peacefully(most of the time), has about 2.3% (24 million people) Christian population among its nearly 1.3 billion people citizens, with quite considerable amount residing in South India, including Chennai.

While travelling around Southern India, I had the honor to be invited to my Indian friend Susan´s house for Christmas Eve dinner, followed by the Midnight Mass at a beautiful white cathedral. Ladies in fancy colourful saris and a little less strikingly dressed gentlemen had gathered for a Tamil language sermon.

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Next morning, on the Christmas day, there were bright-coloured mandalas sketched on the ground in front of the houses of the neighbourhood – known as Rangoli or Kolam. The festive “graffiti” is drawn by using chalk or rice flour and act as good luck charms at holiday occasions.


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