Shri Swaminarayan Mandir – travelling without moving(much)


Pristine white marble Hindu temple with exquisite sculptural carvings of deities and ornamental designs. Feels like real beauty of Indian cultural heritage! Except it is not in India, but in London! With Wembley Stadium peeking from behind the building.

An hour of tube ride(well, that depends on where you start from) to the West on Jubilee line, 15 minute walk from Neasden station and you are suddenly elsewhere! The terrace houses recede and give space to a large and amazingly beautiful Hindu temple.
A “secret” part of London you knew nothing about?


Shri Swaminarayan Mandir is the largest Hindu temple outside of India. Hand carved by skillful artisans according to ancient temple building and decoration traditions in India, all of the marble pieces were shipped over to London and assembled according to old Vedic architectural texts(using no structural steel) like huge Lego blocks, back in 1995.

The temple consists of the Mandir(the main temple) and the Haveli(the “mansion”).
The entrance is in the Haveli part of the building- an intricately carved wooden hall and cultural centre.

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The interior of the temple leaves you gasping for air with its beauty. Bright white marble and limestone sculptures with several colourful altars in between.

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There is an authentic Indian restaurant across the car park. We had Malai Kofta and Paneer Sizzler with some amazing sweet mango lassi and naan breads.


This corner of London truly leaves you with an experience of a day trip to India, with less hassle tho.
The temple is open daily 9am to 6pm, with all respectful visitors welcome.

Most images from the website


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