Fashion Utopias

London Fashion Week is back in town! For me it hit off at International Fashion Showcase launch at Somerset House.
How funny, a year ago LFW main exhibition and show space was at Somerset House and the IFS at Brewer Street car park, while this year the places have been switched and Somerset House looks a lot quieter, with the whole inner courtyard uninhibited by the show space tent and all the fashionistas.

Sadly my native Estonia is not taking part of it any more(I still have the wicked suspicion of my country getting banned from further participation after winning the best showcase prize two years in a row).

This time the main theme for the IFS show was “Utopia”. The general impression of the exhibition was surprisingly uniform. Should it be blamed to the effects of globalisation or the spread of the fashion media and internationally similar fashion education? I would have hoped to see more of cultural diversity in the designs. Ethnic touches were present, but in a very subtle way. On the positive side the major trends were bead embroidery and ponyskin detailing, while on the boring side the prevailing majority of clothes stuck to wearable minimalistic earthy tones and fabrics. Which is nice, modern and wearable, but not as exciting to look at. This general impression creates a sort of global uniformity and loses cultural originality – kind of like no matter where in the wold you go, you´ll see the same colours and cuts, just as there is Zara chain shop on the high Street anywhere in the world.
In comparison to the clothes, the most interesting were shoes and accessories, that wondered off in the realm of utopian dreams.

My favourites by far were(like last year) the works of Filipino fashion designers, as the most imaginative and original, yet drawing inspiration from their own cultural heritage. Austrian shoes and accessories also won the top spot with their sense of humor and freshness of ideas.

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