LFW Fyodor Golan show

Fyodor Golan is a London design duo known for their vibrant clours, eclectic cuts, unexpected shapes infusing sportswear aesthetics to modern luxury womenswear  and playing with kitch themes, while exploring contrasts.
For example last year they had a set-up at the Selfridges, expressing well their playfullness and joy for life.


Their latest show at London Fashion Week was no exception to that. Based around the idea of comparing high and low culture, such as Botticelli´s “Birth of Venus” and Coca-Cola imagery, just to name a few. Colours were bright, sometimes even neon or sparkling with Swarowski crystals, balanced out with a few darker hues. Very interesting technique was combinig not only high and low cultural ideas, but also translating the same concept into fabrics, contrasting luxurious velvet with trashy looking fraying edged fabric finish.
Fyodor Golan´s colourful and playful approach is surely original next to more uniformly “wearable” designers´ works.

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My new total favorite model Yana Dobroliubova from Moscow expressed the edginess of the collection really well.

Shiny gold and silver brogue shoes were added by my good friend footwear designer Luke Grant-Muller.

If you are interested in getting a pair, here´s a discount code: R1 to get £50 off!


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