LFW Ashley Isham show

Ashley Isham is a London based designer, originally from Singapore, who has been showing at LFW every season from the year 2000. His rather dramatic and colourful collections always manage to make an impression!

Ashley´s latest masterpiece got inspired by Russian-born young artist Igor Skaletsky, who creates provoking paintings mixing classical art with contemporary themes. He freely manipulates the recognizable images from high art, giving them his own modern interpretation. The contrast between high and low and the resulting overall impression that they create put together, is what offers the most interest. Religious iconography, pop culture, animals anatomy and tattoo images all blend in into quite intriguing results.


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Influenced by this, Ashley Isham´s collection ranges from dark toned daywear to casual outerwear to spectacular evening gowns. It is the parade of colourful birds of paradise, stream of frills and dramatic looks, topped off with shiny iridescent men´s tracksuit. A little bit over the top (quite literally in case of the headwear), but just enough for the grand impression, just like Igor Skaletsky´s paintings.


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Men´s golden and iridescent shoes were provided by  Luke Grant-Muller.
If you´d like a pair, make sure to use the discount code: R1 to get £50 off!



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