Recently I was taken out for a birthday getaway on a surprise day trip out of London. Got on the train not knowing where we are going to and ended up in Whitstable – a small fishing town on the East coast, just about an hour away. Famous for oysters(apparently already from the Roman times) and other seafood. Being a huge sea food lover, this seemed like the right destination for me!


The weather was mildly sunny and warm(for this year), the seaside and the town idyllically sweet.


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Whitstable is famous by quite remarkable sights – the Maunsell sea-forts off the coast. We could only see their shadows from afar.


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This is what they look like up close:

Mysterious structures in the middle of the sea

The main street is filled with tiny cute shops, most of which close at 4pm.


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My favourite place for “fishy” snacks was Wheelers oyster bar and parlor. This tiny award winning parlor has been offering freshest seafood for over 150 years.


For cheese and wine it has to be The Cheese Box, that offers a wide selection of British cheeses and condiments. Cheese shop by day, the place turns into a wine bar On Friday and Saturday evenings. Make sure to sample their divine pear cider, it´s the smoothest I have ever tasted!


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We also went to The Lobster Shack- a fish bar on the beach at East Quay with a nice view.


In the evening it was time for the low tide. The sea level retreated by about 40 meters and revealed the structures made for collecting oysters. The seagulls took in their positions on their “watch towers”.


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