Undressed at V&A

A Brief History of Underwear (I am suspecting this is a clever play of words) looks at the dynamics of undergarments throughout history, from the 18th century to present day. Somehow not surprisingly women´s ones have always been rather complicated and multi-purposed than men´s. Ladies underwear has varied from body modifying to sensually flowing, transforming from underwear to outerwear and evening wear, including loungewear and nightwear. From practical to luxurious, seductive to fetish. Underwear has been used to mold a perfect body, as well as display  and show off the already perfect body shape(depending on the fashions of the day). Display ranges from corsets and crinolines to bras, boxers, pyjamas and modern body modifying underwear.

The most breathtaking displays include Swarovski crystal embellished corset designed for Dita von Teese, rich tulle and bead evening dress by Alexander McQueen and basket weave crinoline by Dolce and Gabbana.

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Exhibition stays open till 12th March 2017.

As every month, V&A has a Friday late event on the last Friday of the month, this time it was dedicated to the current exhibition. In different corners of the museum you could boogie or knit a tit (a special breast prosthesis), see a lingerie catwalk show, chat to a leather fetish bodywear designer Melissa Tofton and observe how corsets are made.



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