Glovers Livery Luncheon

In July I had an honour of being invited to the Glovers Livery event at the Drapers Hall in London.

The Worshipful Company of Glovers of London is an institution dating back to the middle ages, that has survived and adjusted to this day. The Company was formed in the middle of the 14th Century by glove makers in London who wished to protect the high standard of their craft.

The Company´s Coat of Arms

Today the goal of the Glovers Guild is to preserve the century old traditions while mixing it with 21st Century business and charitable work. One of the charitable projects is the annual Student Glove Design competition, to which this luncheon was dedicated.

Held at the Drapers Hall I was mesmerised by the grandeur of the building. Built in the 18th-19th Centuries it looks utterly royal and has been repeatedly used in movies (such as “The King´s Speech”, “GoldenEye”, etc) as the Buckingham Palace doppergänger.

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At the lunch for about 200 people I had a great opportunity to meet and talk to several members of the Livery and discuss future collaborative projects.

6896 by Phil McCarthy
with Glovers Livery Master Mr.Micheal Orr,       image by Phil McCarthy




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