Angel Chen´s Chinese fairy tale

Angel Chen was named as “Ones to Watch” by Fashion Scout in 2015. Her latest collection based on ancient book “Shan Hai Jin”, a historic text depicting various stories of monsters from land and sea, truly proved the statement to be true.

The audience is held in suspense even before the start of the show, with blinking lights and tension in the air increasing by each second. The show opens with the abundance of sparkle, the collection coming across as strong and colourful. It florishes in expressionism and experimental avant garde, while retaining its wearable qualities. Angel combines Chinese heritage with craft innovation, referencing iconic symbols and applying voluminous embroidery to the everyday fashion items. The level of detail in the embroidery is rather outstanding.
The multifunctional pieces are rather unisex, modeled by both female and male models and available in selection of sizes. The conflict is emphasized by male models styled to wear flared skirts with hoodies as the macho symbol.
Rich sparkle transforms into ruffle embellishments and into large selection of denim pieces. The final touch is added by edgy hair and make-up that really benefits to the final look.

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Photos by: Krish Nagari

Looking at her collection, there are several pieces I would wear instantly, oversized jackets with embroidery on the back, being one of my favourites.

Image by: Angel Chen Studio



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