Burberry Makers House exhibition

Right after the London Fashion Week Burberry opened its show venue´s doors to public for one week. Burberry together with The New Craftsmen are bringing the inspiration behind the new collection to life in unexpected ways.

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As the whole fashion business approach is changing from “business to business”, reaching the consumers half a year later; to “business to consumer” – being immediately available(for pre-orders at least), so has Burberry taken the lead of this change and made their latest collection, showcased just a week ago at London Fashion Week, readily available for their clients.

Makers House exhibition looks closely at the making process and the skillful work of their craftsmen, as well as the finished products, available for order.

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The collection – influenced by Virginia Woolf´s novel “Orlando” – is like a love letter to English history. The selection of clothes includes pieces for men and women both, shown together for the first time. Featuring denim blend with cashmere and several silky pyjama elements suitable for loungewear as well as outerwear. The separations between gender-specific and place-specific wear are blurred into new reality. The collection includes deconstructed trench coats, military-style inspired jackets, ruffle neck shirts and other historical elements rediscovered and modernised. Spiced up with some very cute ruffle-purses.

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Open until 27th September 2016, this showcase is worth a visit!


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