Riina O “Attainable Luxury” gloves

We are so thrilled to finally reveal our new product line – “Attainable Luxury” leather gloves. Yes, it´s still gloves, but  here the luxurious design of Riina O gloves is skillfully combined with practical production techniques, offering attainable gloves with already well-known design elements. As well as on our Lux line, you can find here the laser cut decorative patterns that have become synonymous with Riina O brand.

Currently available only at our online boutique for pre-orders!
Right now we are offering extraordinary -30% discount on early bird orders, until 5th October 2016. The gloves will be delivered by mail within 35 days.

But lets have a closer look at the new styles!


Diana is a glamorous girl who  likes to show off – the Cabretta leather short gloves (1 inch length) have rich laser cut decoration that really catches your eye.


Rebecca tends to be a rather practical woman – these medium length (2 inch length) Cabretta leather gloves bear rather modest laser cut embellishment at the bottom edge of gloves and have a smooth silk lining to keep hands warm on a cold winter day.


Valerianna is just someone who appreciates comfort and quirky design – these gloves with hairy calf skin on top and smooth Cabretta on the palm side are lined with silk and embody winter cosiness.

All these beauties currently available at our online boutique for pre-orders with generous early bird discounts.
Get yourself a pair, as the winter is coming…


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