Dali Theatre Museum

Beginning of the month took me on a wonderful Catalonia mini break in Spain which I will talk about over next few travel posts.

One thing I most definitely wanted to do is visit the Dali museum. Turns out there are at least three of them in Catalonia! Salvador Dali was originally from that area, being born inland in a small town of Figueres, having his first studio in Cadaques and Gala´s Castle in Pubol.


So from this Dali Triangle we picked to visit Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres.
Did not have time to look around properly in this little town, but down the street just outside the Catalonia Toy Museum, some quirky architecture could be spotted. What a surrealistic town!

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I am a huge fan of Dali´s works. A few fun facts about Salvador:

Salvador Domingo Felipe Jacinto Dalí i Domènech (that was his real name) work spans across several decades between 1922 till his death in 1989 and covers several art disciplines. Generally known as syrrealist painter, his atistic development can be seen in his huge Theatre Museum.

I think it is quite important curious fact of his life that Salvador Dali had a 3 years older brother, also named Salvador, who died 9 months before Salvadore Dali the younger was born. He was named after his brother and raised as an reincarnation of the deceased sibling. When Salvador was 5 years old, his parents took him to his brother´s grave and told him the story. Must have been kind of creepy living with this knowledge, but to me this explains a lot about the bizarreness of his character and the reason he might have wandered into surrealism (in addition to the sociopolitical influences of the time and other art movements). The images of his dead brother have appeared repeatedly in his works.

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Dali Theatre Museum in Figueres used to be a municipal theatre (hence the name), where in the vestibule Dali had his first exhibition back in a day. Now it is turned into the museum spanning several floors and a wonderful courtyard.

Fact that I did not know during my visit, Dali is buried in the museum´s crypt, so his presence is still there!

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Being so captivating we easily spent 4 hours in the museum.
Highly recommended!


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