Quietly picturesque Llafranc

Next stop after Figueres and our base-camp over the next few days was the picturesque little town of Llafranc. Early September when the kids had returned to school and most of the tourists finished their holidays, the season was winding down and coming to an end. This was a perfect opportunity to  avoid the crowds.

Llafranc is a small costal town on Costa Brava, adjacent to Girona that has managed to retain its cute low-rise 2-3 floor houses and avoid getting the high skyline, so sadly destroying the natural beauty of several Spanish resorts.

Frequented by film stars and artists of the 20th century, Dali himself used to stay often at the Hotel Llafranc. The artfulness of the town is reflected even on the meter boxes that sometimes appeared covered with paintings.


Surrounded by the hilly coastline, the little cove offers calm getaway to kick back and unwind. With sweet pine smell in the air, combined with the sea breeze cooling your skin in the hot sunshine, this is a great place for relaxation.

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As gastronomy  makes up a great part of the holiday, from my experience I would recommend La Sirena restaurant for a dinner directly on the beach – great ambiance and good food. I am usually not big fan of calamari rings, as they often tend to taste like rubber bands. However the ones I had at La Sirena were really eye-opening for me, making me realise they can actually taste amazing, if cooked properly!

For the dessert the place to go is restaurant Jani, for the best coconut flan in the world!

However I would not recommend getting a paella at the Hotel Llafranc restaurant – my great hopes were bitterly(or should I say “saltily”) disappointed.


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