Cruising North from Llafranc, Tamariu and Aiguablava beaches

If you have some time to spend at Llafranc and are not up for spending your full day on the beach(at least not on the same one), it is a great idea to rent a scooter and visit some nearby beaches. We headed off discovering Northwards.

Scooter really is a great way to travel in the neighborhood and still be able to enjoy the nature(more than inside a car), provided you have a good driver. The road gets much hillier to the North from Llafranc, going by foot it is quite a hike. On a scooter, however it was a very picturesque experience with pine smell and smooth sea breeze, looking down at the green forests and gorgeous sea-scenery, following the steep winding road up and down the hill.

First stop up the hill was Sant Sebastià lighthouse, built in the 19th century. There is also a lovely outdoor restaurant to enjoy the view with some music.
The scenery from the viewpoint is just unbelievable! I could have just stayed there for ages!(I think I did spend at least half an hour taking in the view). A real “happy place”.

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Driving on, we took a turn at a mysterious little sign of “Cala de Cau”(that is not even on the Google map). We were looking for little creeks off the tourist trail. Following the path, it lead through the forest, climbing steeply down the rocky hill. Quite a climb, without really knowing where we´re going. However, at the bottom there was a tiny little windowless shedon the small stony beach. Very secretive and exclusive, nice private discovery.

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Driving on, up and down the hills, the road lead to Tamariu beach. A former small fishing village, as they all tend to be. Despite the crowds, the beach has managed to retain its amazingly clear water.

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Further on North, we got to Aiguablava beach down the steep descent. The rather small beach is surrounded by  high wall of rocks and cliffs that most probably move a bit during the stormy season. Before heading downhill, we were welcomed by again a magnificent scenery from the top of the hill.

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There are many more little coves and beaches, worth your discovery!


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