Lincoln Cathedral and the Knights Trail

Lincoln is a quaint little town in the East Midlands region of England, with a massive cathedral towering over the charming little houses on top of the hill.

While downtown is quite modern and trendy, the steep walk up the hill takes you to the rather historic neighbourhood.


Lincoln Cathedral was once the tallest building in the world for over 200 years, until the central spire was destroyed by a storm in 1549. The cathedral has not lost its grandeour though and is still the third largest in the UK, following closely after St Paul´s in London.

Having worked in the cathedral during the Heritage Skills Festival I had a chance to get know it pretty thoroughly, with  its numerous little nooks, passages and different rooms, which made me feel like being in a village of its own. The architectural beauty is rather breathtaking!


Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to look around the castle this time, but the 11th century Norman castle surely needs a visit.


While walking through the town the colourful sculptures of knights can be spotted throughout Lincoln. These are part of the Knights Trail project – 36 knights in total – to mark 800 years since the Battle of Lincoln.
Each sponsored by  a local business and painted by a talented artist they form a cheerful addition to the town.


The playful side of Lincoln comes out this weekend, as it´s the time for the annual Asylum Steampunk Festival.
Hailed as “the most splendid festival in the world” and held already 9th year in the row, it is Europe´s largest Steampunk gathering.

If you have no plans for the bank holiday weekend, here´s an idea what to do.
Let me know how it was, if you happen to go there!




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