Koldinghus castle

Koldinghus is the royal castle situated in the middle of the little town of Kolding, pretty much in the middle of Denmark.


Standing at the place already since the 13th century, it has changed its appearance several times due to numerous reconstructions. In the middle of the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance style. The “Giant tower” was added at that time. The castle was almost destroyed by the fire during the Napoleonic wars, in 1808, when the Spanish soldiers accidentally burned it down during their stay. It took a long time to restore it – the works were finished by 1991 with a wonderful combination of the old and new architectural elements mixed together in the interiors.

img15The former chapel restored in a rather modern way with the lamp posts symbolising the pillars and the ceiling lights the arches that used to be.

img16Modern solution for the concert hall.

Take plenty of time as there are many hidden rooms in the castle which you may not even find or be aware of, as there is the lack of signs on the doors. I would encourage you to try to open all the doors that look tempting and go up the stairs, as perhaps you will discover something wonderful or reach the top of the castle tower with the magnificent view!
One of the rooms is hiding a selection of historic wardrobes which can be tried on as well – great for the kids!

The permanent exhibition is nice, although feels a little bit dated.

However, the restored part is likely to take your breath away! The architects have left the ruins visible, while building the new part around and on top of it, using the modern architectural elements. The twisted iron staircase takes you up on different levels, at times quite hanging in the air, creating a slightly eerie feeling. The slightly stomach-turning experience is well worth it!

The restored part houses temporary exhibitions. Currently for last few days, until the 22nd October, there is the chance to see “Beyond Icons” – the exhibition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Kolding´s Design School – the University where I was teaching my glove making workshop. On display are the works of the graduates and looking at other than only the iconic pieces of Danish design.

After this the new exhibition will be by the talented Finnish jewellery designer Mari Keto, who creates magical artefacts worth examining closer.
Next year the castle will be celebrating 750th anniversary with a very big exhibition, including the selection of the crown jewels!


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