Review: Archifon IV at Glasgow Sonica Festival

Partly a video game, a holographic display and a gigantic musical instrument installed into the interiors of the Memorial Chapel of the Glasgow University. The team of Floex (Tomas Dvorak – the musician) and Initi (Dan Gregor – the visual artist) brought to life the elements of architecture via laser beams. The whole altar wall was turned into a large, interactive, virtual musical instrument, primed to respond to the beams from laser pointers handled by the audience, creating a truly unique sound and visual art piece.

altar web

Statues might suddenly sing when the light strikes them and the ornamented details might spring to life and writhe across the walls. Each object on the wall is hidden to be found and activated with the ray of the laser.

It was a truly extraordinary chance to discover the Glasgow University Chapel in a different way.

Unfortunately, I was not able to find the video of this particular project to post here, but Archifon II is one of their previous projects, very similar to this one.

Archifon IV was part of the Sonica audiovisual festival in Glasgow. It´s a year-round programme of events dedicated to world-class visual sonic arts, punctuated by a biennial autumn festival in Glasgow.
This year the 11-day festival took place from 26th October to 5th November, bringing together the best visual sonic arts from around the world, buy artists from 14 countries in the most imaginative ways.




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