LFW Ashley Williams AW18/19 – Don´t Know Don´t Care

Ashley Williams – the brand known for epitomising the London cool – has taken the new collection to the countryside,  escaping the city, civilization and the technology.

Wandering around the monolith-lined runway, the models´ appearance change from the sexy urban witch in a sheer lace dress to the nomadic druid festivalgoer in colourful animal print motifs and back to the ´80s power suit. Adding to this some casual sportswear the eclectic mix epitomises youthful carelessness that happens on the road, away from home.



Williams boldly mixes the elements of the good taste with what could be considered as bad – it´s hard to look sexy in a bucket hat. The inspiration seems to have been gathered from the local thrift stores and dipped the antiquarian finds into the tie-dye.




The collection´s central message is to ditch the technology and discover the marvellous countryside of the UK. An idea very much worth welcoming in the urbanised digital age.

Although the slogan of the show says “Don´t Know Don´t Care”, it is pretty obvious the designer and her girl do care about the environment – wearing a basket weave blue tartan suit made from recycled plastic bottles and stitched in the local factory.


Ashley Williams London Womenswear Fall Winter 2018-2019 London February 2018


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