LFW Roberta Einer AW18/19 – Girl power!

Roberta Einer´s epitomic girl power prevails in yet another her collection. Every time it is a world of its own, however, the spirit of the whole remains the same- it is of a young playful girl who feels great in her skin and is happy just being herself.

It is safe to say that the 80s seem to be a bottomless source of inspiration for many designers throughout the last two decades. Roberta found her fascination this time in the films such as Blade Runner and Tron; the early computer games and arcades, their bright graphics; the allure of the power suit, the neon colours and the awkwardness of it all. Many of the garments are covered in shiny Swarovski crystals to glam it all up – the ongoing collaboration for the third season.




However, not all of the dresses have the maximalist aesthetic – some are remarkably more modest with just small detailing.




The pyjama-style embroidered suits are next to the embellished puffer jackets, sequinned party dresses, pinstripes and some a-symmetrical cuts. The embroidered graphics feature the images from Roberta´s parents´ holiday snaps from the 80s, giving it her personal touch.



The presentation was a sight of its own. Models were dancing around to the 80s tunes, picking up clean white plates from the shelves behind them and writing down all the frustrating things they´d like to shatter. The words and slogans included “Capitalism”, “Measurement tape”, “Fuck racism”, “Fake friends”, etc. Those would then get smashed against the wall into little pieces, with chips flying all across the room. Destroy the things you don´t like, was the attitude.



Everyone seemed to be having lots of fun!




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