LFW Rocky Star AW18/19 – Urban Nomad

Rocky Star is the fashion design superstar from India, having worked with the film stars from Bollywood to Hollywood and many private clients in between. He has allegedly styled and designer for over 300 movies. Although based in India, the brand has showcased at the London Fashion Week for several years now, having gained a faithful followership.

The latest catwalk show was taking place at the Freemasons Hall Grand Temple – already a sight of its own! This is traditionally the meeting place for the Grand Lodge of Masonry. The majestic hall has the ceiling covered in mosaic work, depicting the mysterious starry sky, below which are the figures and symbols from Masonic rituals. A superb large organ adds majestic to one side of the room.

ceiling mosaic

organ wall

Rocky Star´s latest collection was a beautiful fusion of modern casual- and eveningwear, mixed with the rich Indian heritage in muted tones to suit the taste of European consumer.  Being a huge fan of nomadic and boho style influences myself, I found quite a few collection pieces I´d fancy wearing.
Rocky Star´s collections traditionally appeal to those with the acute sense of adventure and appreciation of the exquisite craftsmanship. Simple, wearable silhouettes utilised digital print techniques and handcraftsmanship elements. These are designs with slightly bohemian personality.

The overall impression was of Indian cultural influences catered for the worldwide clientele. I´d say he hit the nail on the head with this.


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