Review: Archifon IV at Glasgow Sonica Festival

Partly a video game, a holographic display and a gigantic musical instrument installed into the interiors of the Memorial Chapel of the Glasgow University. The team of Floex (Tomas Dvorak - the musician) and Initi (Dan Gregor - the visual artist) brought to life the elements of architecture via laser beams. The whole altar wall... Continue Reading →


Eat Me!

Trapholt Modern Art and Design Museum is located just on the outskirts of the little town of Kolding, in Southern Denmark on the mainland of Jutland. It is one of the largest and most popular museums in Denmark, outside of Copenhagen and Aarhus. Eat Me - says the name of the exhibition and with many items... Continue Reading →

Koldinghus castle

Koldinghus is the royal castle situated in the middle of the little town of Kolding, pretty much in the middle of Denmark. Standing at the place already since the 13th century, it has changed its appearance several times due to numerous reconstructions. In the middle of the 16th century, the castle was rebuilt in Renaissance... Continue Reading →

Karlśtejn Wine Harvest Festival

Last weekend - now seeming like so long time ago - we were in the Czech Republic, and not only just Prague... As the mid-autumn was approaching (or was it still just the end of the Indian Summer?), the Czechs were celebrating the grape harvest festival and my good friend from Prague invited us to... Continue Reading →

Gems of Oslo – Oslo Opera House

Oslo Opera House is probably one of the most symbolic buildings of the Norwegian capital. Emerging like an iceberg from water it epitomizes the Nordic spirit. I had an incredible opportunity to discover this building inside out, see the ballet preformance and even peek to the back stage while running the glove making workshop during... Continue Reading →

Lincoln Cathedral and the Knights Trail

Lincoln is a quaint little town in the East Midlands region of England, with a massive cathedral towering over the charming little houses on top of the hill. While downtown is quite modern and trendy, the steep walk up the hill takes you to the rather historic neighbourhood. Lincoln Cathedral was once the tallest building... Continue Reading →

Gems of Oslo – The Glove

The legend has it that after the big town fire in 1624, the Danish-Norwegian King Christian IV decided to rebuild the town in this area and name it after himself. He supposedly pointed to this spot and said: "The new town will lie here!". Now there is a fountain in the shape of a gloved hand... Continue Reading →

Bristol Balloon Fiesta

The real reason for going to Bristol last weekend was actually visiting the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta, taking place already the 39th year! Europe's largest annual balloon event brought together over 130 international balloonists and a whole field full of spectators. The festival was spread over the meadows of the Ashton Court Mansions, on the outskirts... Continue Reading →

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