Riina O studio secrets – waterjet cut leather bracelets

Riina O is delighted to pull back the secrecy curtain and take you “behind the scenes” into our studio, offering a sneak peek of our work process. Let us explain how our leather accessories are made and what is unique about these beautiful products.

Lets have a look at Riina O Leeanne leather bracelet. These beautiful colourful armbands have each an intricate pattern cut in. How are they made? The secret is – advanced waterjet cutting technology.bracelets-chain4-web
You may wonder, what is it?
The waterjet cutter is an industrial machine meant for cutting a variety of materials using the high-pressure jet of water. Unbelievable as it sounds, these bracelets have been cut not by a knife or laser, but by water!
Even more surprising is the fact that waterjet cutting technology is normally used for producing parts for manufacturing aeroplanes, cars and vehicles as large as tanks. Well, if they can manage to cut large steel details, small leather bracelets should be “a piece of cake”! Remarkably, cutting such small details is actually trickier than large parts.

The waterjet cutting machine is controlled by the computer that directs it according to the specific design file.
The advantage of this method, compared with laser cutting, for example, is the clean edge finish, cost effectiveness of the production and intricate cutting work. The ecological benefit includes the fact that the water can be recycled using a closed-loop system.

bracelets-chain2-webYou can purchase this fabulous technological masterpiece from Riina O online boutique.


Riina O pop-up in Tokyo

Last weekend of August took Riina O on a trip to somewhere new! We were invited to take part in Asia´s largest art festival –  Design Festa in Tokyo, Japan.

This semi annual two-day event offers different art work and design, celebrating the freedom of expression and bringing together painters, fashion designers, singers, dancers, illustrators, photographers and many more talented people. What a delight!

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Riina O leather bracelets

Glad to announce our new leather bracelets are finally here!

bracelets chain web

In the recent months we have undertaken some serious product development to perfect the design specifics of our new Leeanne bracelet and expand the colour selection. It is to our great delight to exclaim that it has at last been achieved and the bracelets are now available at our online boutique and with a selection of stockists around Europe – and making an appearance in Tokyo next weekend! Stay tuned for more info!

bracelets3 webThe bracelets come in one size, fitting around the arm with circumference up to 17.5cm and made of thinner and more flexible leather than before.

bracelets1 web skinny

Leeanne has also got a “little sister” Leah – a very exclusive limited edition line of skinny bracelets, available only online.

Leah bracelets in line instagram


My Australian friend, road and track cyclist “It girl”  Leeana-Kate James is now sporting one on her races. #WhyBeNormal

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The bracelets come packaged in elegant Riina O box with free shipping worldwide.bracelet in the box2 (2)

“Secret Jungle”

As today is officially the first day of Spring(even though it doesn´t really feel like it yet), lets have a look at Riina O new Spring/Summer collection and lift the veil of what was the main source of inspiration for this one.

The collection´s design started off at a nice English rose garden, but pretty soon it took on a life of its own, turning into something that reminded of underwater jungle. Lush teal and forest green shades are sparkled up with luminous beading. Intricately laser cut gloves have taken on jewelry approach, having rich bead and sequin embroidery embellishments.

inspiration board

This season we introduce some new products: elaborate design chunky leather bracelets, adorned with cut out ornaments and some bearing semiprecious stones.
Black leather bracelet is bejeweled with an iridescent Moonstone, while forest green bracelet has an Amethyst on.


The theme was further explored within the collection editorial shoot concept. This season Riina O girl is an enchanting forest nymph, peeking shyly from behind the ivy, with glitter rain levitating in the air.

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All accessories now available at our online boutique!