Burberry Makers House exhibition

Right after the London Fashion Week Burberry opened its show venue´s doors to public for one week. Burberry together with The New Craftsmen are bringing the inspiration behind the new collection to life in unexpected ways.

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As the whole fashion business approach is changing from “business to business”, reaching the consumers half a year later; to “business to consumer” – being immediately available(for pre-orders at least), so has Burberry taken the lead of this change and made their latest collection, showcased just a week ago at London Fashion Week, readily available for their clients.

Makers House exhibition looks closely at the making process and the skillful work of their craftsmen, as well as the finished products, available for order.

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The collection – influenced by Virginia Woolf´s novel “Orlando” – is like a love letter to English history. The selection of clothes includes pieces for men and women both, shown together for the first time. Featuring denim blend with cashmere and several silky pyjama elements suitable for loungewear as well as outerwear. The separations between gender-specific and place-specific wear are blurred into new reality. The collection includes deconstructed trench coats, military-style inspired jackets, ruffle neck shirts and other historical elements rediscovered and modernised. Spiced up with some very cute ruffle-purses.

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Open until 27th September 2016, this showcase is worth a visit!

Riina O “Winter in Desert”

Decluttering mind, eyes are turned to the Middle-East for inspiration.
Wide and clear open space of a desert, soft hues of pastel and tan leather
is what inspired Riina O latest gloves collection.

Our muse for this season is Miss Gertrude Bell – the supposed  “Queen of the Desert”. A rather remarkable lady who lived nearly 100 years ago, a strong woman who marched to the sound of her own drum(or the pace of her own caravan, to be correct),  refusing to bend her ambitions to fit the accepted standards of her time.


Known as an a writer, politician, archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, traveller and explorer, who wandered alone(with her caravan) across deserts of Syria, Mesopotamina and Arabia, mapping them out and later being one of the key people in establishing the modern state of Iraq.

The collection entitled “Winter in Desert” features a selection of gloves in different lengths, that have become the brand´s classics.

Short decorative finger-gloves experiment with latticework technique, creating the illusion of 3D-laser cutting.
Hairy ponyskin gloves bear delicate bead embroidery, as if grains of sand stuck on the back of a camel.
Casual medium-length gloves stand out with laser cut pattern that is also featured on waterjet cut leather bracelets.
Sandy elbow-length gloves´ side details, decorated in slashing technique, take on different forms when stretched around arm.

Riina O skillfully combines traditional hand stitching of gloves with modern technological advantages, never seizing to experiment, trying to push further. Riina O high end gloves are designed and made in their East London studio using only the finest of leathers sourced from within Europe.
Gloves are available made to measure upon request.

View full collection here.



Oksana Tandit show collaboration

Meanwhile in Estonia…

While the nights are slowly getting darker and longer, Estonian designer Oksana Tandit has been thinking about the midsummer “White Nights”, presenting her gorgeous new same-titled resort collection.
The créme de la créme of Tallinn fashion crew was transported nearly 100km out of town to the historical Vihula Manor. The show was accompanied by a gourmet dinner along orchestral music from internationally well known musician Andres Mustonen and his orchestra.


For her latest show Oksana was inspired by symbiosis between nature, fashion and music. The collection paints a picture of a weekend escape from the busy everyday life to relax and rejuvenate in the countryside. Soft feminine silhouettes, luxurious materials from cashmere to silk come in pastel shades inspired by nature. Inherent to her signature style, a lot of attention is paid to the details and femininity is skillfully joined with masculine elements.

Riina O has collaborated with Oksana Tandit over a few recent years and it has been a true pleasure to do so. Our collections seem to telepathically speak the same language, without having to coordinate the creation process before it is finalised. Riina O latest collection happened to similarly wander out of town in search for the inspiration, heading for the desert instead.

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Angel Chen´s Chinese fairy tale

Angel Chen was named as “Ones to Watch” by Fashion Scout in 2015. Her latest collection based on ancient book “Shan Hai Jin”, a historic text depicting various stories of monsters from land and sea, truly proved the statement to be true.

The audience is held in suspense even before the start of the show, with blinking lights and tension in the air increasing by each second. The show opens with the abundance of sparkle, the collection coming across as strong and colourful. It florishes in expressionism and experimental avant garde, while retaining its wearable qualities. Angel combines Chinese heritage with craft innovation, referencing iconic symbols and applying voluminous embroidery to the everyday fashion items. The level of detail in the embroidery is rather outstanding.
The multifunctional pieces are rather unisex, modeled by both female and male models and available in selection of sizes. The conflict is emphasized by male models styled to wear flared skirts with hoodies as the macho symbol.
Rich sparkle transforms into ruffle embellishments and into large selection of denim pieces. The final touch is added by edgy hair and make-up that really benefits to the final look.

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Photos by: Krish Nagari

Looking at her collection, there are several pieces I would wear instantly, oversized jackets with embroidery on the back, being one of my favourites.

Image by: Angel Chen Studio


“Secret Jungle”

As today is officially the first day of Spring(even though it doesn´t really feel like it yet), lets have a look at Riina O new Spring/Summer collection and lift the veil of what was the main source of inspiration for this one.

The collection´s design started off at a nice English rose garden, but pretty soon it took on a life of its own, turning into something that reminded of underwater jungle. Lush teal and forest green shades are sparkled up with luminous beading. Intricately laser cut gloves have taken on jewelry approach, having rich bead and sequin embroidery embellishments.

inspiration board

This season we introduce some new products: elaborate design chunky leather bracelets, adorned with cut out ornaments and some bearing semiprecious stones.
Black leather bracelet is bejeweled with an iridescent Moonstone, while forest green bracelet has an Amethyst on.


The theme was further explored within the collection editorial shoot concept. This season Riina O girl is an enchanting forest nymph, peeking shyly from behind the ivy, with glitter rain levitating in the air.

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All accessories now available at our online boutique!

LFW Ashley Isham show

Ashley Isham is a London based designer, originally from Singapore, who has been showing at LFW every season from the year 2000. His rather dramatic and colourful collections always manage to make an impression!

Ashley´s latest masterpiece got inspired by Russian-born young artist Igor Skaletsky, who creates provoking paintings mixing classical art with contemporary themes. He freely manipulates the recognizable images from high art, giving them his own modern interpretation. The contrast between high and low and the resulting overall impression that they create put together, is what offers the most interest. Religious iconography, pop culture, animals anatomy and tattoo images all blend in into quite intriguing results.

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Influenced by this, Ashley Isham´s collection ranges from dark toned daywear to casual outerwear to spectacular evening gowns. It is the parade of colourful birds of paradise, stream of frills and dramatic looks, topped off with shiny iridescent men´s tracksuit. A little bit over the top (quite literally in case of the headwear), but just enough for the grand impression, just like Igor Skaletsky´s paintings.

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Men´s golden and iridescent shoes were provided by  Luke Grant-Muller.
If you´d like a pair, make sure to use the discount code: R1 to get £50 off!