Transparent fashion

Standing like the beheaded warriors of light, silent and mysterious. This captivating exhibition took place at Estonian capital Tallinn, at the Old Town in a medieval Katariina church. Unfortunately the exhibition spun over just a week, closing yesterday, but i managed to get a glimpse of it to share here. This fashion exhibition went back... Continue Reading →


Canoeing in Nordic jungle

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to go deep into the nature on my trip to Estonia. We went canoeing with my sister at Leppoja recreation center. I was a complete rookie in canoeing , my older sister (a former extreme sports fan) had more experience in paddling - together we managed just fine. We were... Continue Reading →

Visual Diary: Estonia

Estonia for me is home, nature, relaxation and destress. The Summer days are never ending and nights are "white" in July. My part of Estonia is the Western Island of Saaremaa. The land of nature and forests full of goodies. Every night at the sunset, around 10pm I went for a run - 2.5km of rural road... Continue Reading →

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