This exhibition of a textile designer Kaire Tali´s works looks back at her two years taken off from the usual busy everyday life to reflect and re-evaluate her goals.
Perhaps this break was caused by an outside reason, this is not stated, however I quite like the idea of switching off for a while and taking a sabbatical for a period of time and I think this is becoming more popular in our busy everyday world.

Kaire Tali is a long time successful Estonian textile designer and one of the starters of the applied arts council of Katarina Guild.
„Retriit” is the designer and artist´s personal emotional journey manifesting in the comeback.

Her papier maché torsos wander into the realm of paper sculptures, while having a play with style and aesthetical garments that you can look at, but not wear, or at least this is how they “spoke” to me while looking at the displays.

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The exhibition stays open till 10th July 2016 at Tallinn Design and Architecture Gallery.


Transparent fashion

Standing like the beheaded warriors of light, silent and mysterious. This captivating exhibition took place at Estonian capital Tallinn, at the Old Town in a medieval Katariina church. Unfortunately the exhibition spun over just a week, closing yesterday, but i managed to get a glimpse of it to share here.

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This fashion exhibition went back to the roots, showing „transparently”  how the pieces of clothing were made, while using the recycling approach to the production, as opposed to the mass produced anonymous and harmful for the environment fast fashion. The list of designers and artists consisted of a selection of names from the local Fashion Council, including my very first fashion drawing tutor Liivika Põvat-Strauss.

The illuminated display stands create a very atmospheric feeling, induced by the darkness of the medieval church. To illustrate the transparent creation process, every designer has written down a journey of their used materials, along with a sketch.
The torsos will be later „recycled” into floor lamps – I´d fancy having one of those in my flat!

Canoeing in Nordic jungle

A few weeks ago I had an opportunity to go deep into the nature on my trip to Estonia. We went canoeing with my sister at Leppoja recreation center. I was a complete rookie in canoeing , my older sister (a former extreme sports fan) had more experience in paddling – together we managed just fine.


We were sailing on Valgejõgi (White River if you wish to translate) that borders with Northern Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve. The aim was to get away from the city and all the craziness, properly destress and enjoy the wild nature. We were not disappointed, it was such a bliss!

lush nature

The lush, jungalesque green nature with sunshine changing to shower and back again. Many gorgeous Beautiful Demoiselle´ s flying about with their magically blue wings and sitting on the side of the canoe to rest. Unfortunately I wasn´t quick enough to sapture one of them on my camera, but here´s what it looked like:

Beautiful Demoiselle by Janne Heimonen
Beautiful Demoiselle by Janne Heimonen

The roots of trees growing by the side of the river looked as if they were feet of a  millipede with legs hugging one another.


Due to the dry season the water level was quite low and we got stuck a couple of times.

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At some point new obstacles in shape of the underwater stones emerged – you coudn´t see one until almost hitting it! So in a way it turned out to be a bit of a “computer game” adventure. With a few rapids at the end we finished three hours later utterly thrilled(and longing for more!).

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Visual Diary: Estonia

Estonia for me is home, nature, relaxation and destress.
The Summer days are never ending and nights are “white” in July.

Tallinn Bay
Tallinn Bay at 1.30am

My part of Estonia is the Western Island of Saaremaa.


The land of nature and forests full of goodies.


Every night at the sunset, around 10pm I went for a run – 2.5km of rural road embraced by nature till a little feral pond to dip right in, even when the weather wasn´t hot. On one of my runs i saw a wild deer eating grass just 2m in front of me at the side of the road.


We went on a road trip to Kõrvemaa Nature Reserve in Northern Estonia, which is great for hiking and has remarkable boggy environment with small carnivorous  plants.

Kõrvemaa bog

The capital Tallinn has preserved its fairy-tale-like medieval identity.

Medieval part of Tallinn

Visit Estonia if you can, Summer is the best season for it!