Riina O at London Craft Week

The first week of May welcomed the third edition of London Craft Week.

Riina O had an honour to participate in the Leather exhibition, organised by Bill Amberg at the Leathersellers Hall. Hand-picked as one of the fourteen Britain´s finest independent leatherworkers, the selection included saddlers, sculptors, bag makers, bookbinders, cordwainers, etc.

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During three days, between 4-6th of May, the Leather exhibition was held at the place most suitable for it – the freshly renovated Leathersellers Hall. Completed just last Summer, the hall designed by Eric Parry and finished by Bill Amberg leatherworkers team, the interiors include such details as walls and even the elevator interior covered in veg tan leather, combining the Leathersellers Company´s six-century history with modern luxurious interiors. The London Craft Week Show offered one of the first opportunities for members of the public to set foot inside.

Riina O demonstrated the best of our glove collections, where ages old craftsmanship has been joined with modern technological advantages. The making process could be witnessed at the display of the deconstructed gloves and work tools, as well as at the craft presentation.

deconstructed gloves

On Saturday it was even possible for the public to try the glove making at Riina´s masterclass of a modified design of an archery glove with just two fingers.

The exhibition was supported by the Leathersellers´ partner livery companies, including the Glovers Livery and it was a real pleasure meeting them in person again.

Riina with livery master


Tiny gloves for Whoopi Goldberg

Recently Riina O had the incredible occasion to collaborate on the pair of shoes made by the very talented Caroline Groves for the wonderful Hollywood actress Whoopi Goldberg!

final shoes web

Whoopi Goldberg, best known for starring in a ´90s movie “Sister Act“, now a co-hostess of the TV talk show “The View” on ABC site, she is known to be a huge footwear fan.

These shoes by Caroline Groves are rather unique. Eash shoe is in contrasting monochrome colour. In addition to the tiny pair of Riina O gloves one of the shoes, it is also bearing a little top hat and a walking stick, while another sports a veiled bowler hat with a little scarf.

Caroline says, the inspiration for the shoes came from her earlier work that Whoopi was infatuated with. She suggested the one white and one black shoe. One with top hat to represent her show business background and a bowler hat on the other toe in memory of her mother who used to wear a bowler.

The other collaborators on this pair of shoes were the milliner Louise Pocock  and a silversmith Jessica Hickman-Woolcott , who made the tiny cane.


Riina O mini gloves, seen in several of our recent Instagram posts, made it to the top of the shoes and onto the screen at “The View”.

See them live:

Bethany Joy Lenz wearing Riina O gloves


Talented and beautiful American actress and singer Bethany Joy Lenz is best known for her roles in One Tree Hill, but also appearing  in the episodes of Dexter and American Gothic.

She is a fan of Riina O gloves, first coming across our brand last year in Paris, at our stockist Les Suites Boutique. The short lasercut hairy ponyskin Ivana mini gloves for 4 fingers captured Joy´s  attention and won her heart with originality.

It was a pleasure for us to make her a personal made to measure pair recently. While ideally we would prefer meeting our clients in person to take the necessary hand measurements for the personally crafted pair, being based in California, made it a bit difficult. Luckily, our method enables to measure and trace the outline of one´s own hand, following our hand measuring form, and supply us the measurements via internet.

Joy received her pair of gloves a few weeks ago in California.


We are happy to have such an amazing brand supporter.

Just before Christmas it was wonderful to meet Joy during her holiday in London.  We met in Kensington for morning coffee and had a lovely breakfast together.


 As you can see, the gloves suit her very well and are real eye catchers.

What is your glove size?

There is a saying – fits like a glove! But even a glove can misfit if picked the wrong size.

How to properly measure your glove size?

To find out your glove size for our new “Attainable Luxury” line gloves you only need to measure your straight hand around the knuckles without the thumb.  Please use the more active hand, meaning right hand for right-handed people and left hand for left-handed people. Don´t pull the measuring tape too tight. Your glove size is your hand circumference measured in inches (rounded up to the closest figure).


If your measuring tape comes only in centimeters, the measurements should be following:

glove size measurements3

Just round your measurement up to the closest size in inches.
This is all the information you need to supply ordering Riina O “Attainable luxury” line gloves online.

However, if you are really aiming for the perfect fit, designed especially for your hand (every person´s hands are different!), there are a few other details to keep in mind.

The finger length for example. For our made to measure clients we supply the special measuring form, asking to trace their hand so we could measure the finger length and adjust the pattern personally. In case of longer gloves the arm measurements also come handy.
We then make a trial glove to test the fitting and once the glove is fitted and confirmed (and adjusted where necessary), the final pair of gloves is ready to be made!


Due to the quite lengthy process we kindly ask our clients to allow 3-4 weeks for crafting their personalised pair, along with the fitting. However the result is well worth it and once we have the pattern fitted, it can be reused for the following orders.

All our made to measure Lux line gloves are hand stitched at our London studio by a skillful craftspeople team.


Riina O “Winter in Desert”

Decluttering mind, eyes are turned to the Middle-East for inspiration.
Wide and clear open space of a desert, soft hues of pastel and tan leather
is what inspired Riina O latest gloves collection.

Our muse for this season is Miss Gertrude Bell – the supposed  “Queen of the Desert”. A rather remarkable lady who lived nearly 100 years ago, a strong woman who marched to the sound of her own drum(or the pace of her own caravan, to be correct),  refusing to bend her ambitions to fit the accepted standards of her time.


Known as an a writer, politician, archaeologist, cultural anthropologist, traveller and explorer, who wandered alone(with her caravan) across deserts of Syria, Mesopotamina and Arabia, mapping them out and later being one of the key people in establishing the modern state of Iraq.

The collection entitled “Winter in Desert” features a selection of gloves in different lengths, that have become the brand´s classics.

Short decorative finger-gloves experiment with latticework technique, creating the illusion of 3D-laser cutting.
Hairy ponyskin gloves bear delicate bead embroidery, as if grains of sand stuck on the back of a camel.
Casual medium-length gloves stand out with laser cut pattern that is also featured on waterjet cut leather bracelets.
Sandy elbow-length gloves´ side details, decorated in slashing technique, take on different forms when stretched around arm.

Riina O skillfully combines traditional hand stitching of gloves with modern technological advantages, never seizing to experiment, trying to push further. Riina O high end gloves are designed and made in their East London studio using only the finest of leathers sourced from within Europe.
Gloves are available made to measure upon request.

View full collection here.