Jean-Pierre Braganza show collaboration

This year again we had an amazing opportunity to collaborate with Jean-Pierre Braganza for his London Fashion Week catwalk show.
Jean-Pierre, who just launched a collaboration with River Island, presented his high end ready to wear AW15 collection “Excelsiora” in Somerset House courtyard showspace.
JPB woman is a modern incarnation of exacting film noir vixen and a war-time heroine. Designer referred to the terrifying beauty of fighter jets, symmetrical as human body on the outside and asymmetrical mechanics on the inside.

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Riina O presented our view on the same subject, just from another angle. The glance at our new collection “Tempus Loquendi”,  that derives from the same terrifying source, softening the impact by exploring contrasts and making them work together. Soft hairy ponyskin gloves embody cosiness, safety and protection, while bearing encrypted laser cut messages.
More details to come…