A taste of romance in Oslo – 7SL

My latest contribution to 7 Star Life Magazine:

If you find yourself in the Norwegian capital of Oslo hungry hankering for a spot of fine dining and romance, head over to Klosteret restaurant – a short hop, skip and gallop away from the trendy Grünerløkka district…

A taste of romance in Oslo – 7SL


Winter Cocktails at Texture – 7SL


The icy winter months make many of us crave warm, spice-infused drinks and tasty comfort food. We yearn for dining experiences that fill our tummies with hearty dishes and flush our cheeks with warming cocktails. Icelandic folk are experts on wintery fayre, hence why we decided to nip into the Michelin starred, award-winning Icelandic restaurant and bar, Texture in Marylebone.

Source: Winter Cocktails at Texture – 7SL

Shun the detox and eat cake at the Barbican Conservatory – 7 Star Life

There is a hidden marvel nestled in the middle of London, surrounded by an erratic maze of concrete walls. During the winter months when the sky resembles a dreary grey blanket of clouds, we crave escapism somewhere wild and green – almost jungle like…

Source: Shun the detox and eat cake at the Barbican Conservatory – 7SL

My newest contribution to 7 Star Life magazine

300 years old diner in Paris

Looking for a place to have dinner we stumbled upon this charming little French restaurant  just next to Notre Dame cathedral, on Ile de la Cité.
La Maison du Vieux was built in 1512, of the stones left over from building Notre Dame cathedral. At this time there were 37 houses built for monks and only 2 of them have survived  today. In 1723 the building was bought by a wine merchant, turning it into the restaurant that exists to this day. Being almost 300 years old, it is one of the oldest restaurants in Paris where you can really feel the history as you enter. Even the name of the place suggests that it is an “Old House” in translation.
Fortunately the history reflects in the tradition of French cooking, but not in the age of the food itself. They offer high quality courses freshly prepared of products coming from organic farms of South of France. The restaurant also has their own wine cellar.

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We were seated upstairs at the window with the view to the towers of the cathedral. History is reflected in every detail of the interior design: the heavily figured red fabric for wallpaper and tented ceilings, the antique prints, the exposed stonework and rich draperies. The whole place feels truly authentic and utterly French.
The food was very good! La Maison du Vieux offered a complementary starter of mushroom soup, I had scallops as main course and crisp Crème Brûlée for dessert, accompanied by the best quality Chardonnay.
All in all exceptionally pleasant experience and just the idea of the place having served meals for nearly 300 years already, made it feel really impressive!