Kanchipuram temples

Kanchipuram, the Silk City, is also known by its abundance of temples from ancient times. I would like to point out two of the most memorable ones. Ulagalantha Perumal Temple looks so colourful, you could imagine it would fit well in Disneyland or a cartoon-like world. Nevertheless this temple is about a  thousand years old(although I believe not... Continue Reading →


Silk City

Coming back to Indian fabrics, I would like to write about my visit to Indian saree capital a few years ago - a small town by the name of Kanchipuram, based on the East coast of India, just a few hours train ride from Chennai. This little town is known as a "Silk City", as... Continue Reading →

Christmas in India

Merry Christmas! I think my most exotic Christmas Eve so far was 6 years ago in India,  on the Eastern coast capital of Tamil Nadu region, Chennai. Naturally you wouldn´t associate India with Christmas much, would you? Little research shows that India, being a melting pot of different religions living side by side peacefully(most of... Continue Reading →

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